Exclusive – Faisal Shaikh aka Mr Faisu: Jannat and I are very supportive of each other in KKK12; Ek puraane dost ka saath hona badi baat hai | The Times of India

My mother is a fan of this show and Rohit sir and when I shared this news with her, she was very happy. My mom had even once told me that if you ever get a show like this, don’t turn it down, just go for it. It was her wish that I do KKK someday. When I got this offer, she was the first person whom I called up and informed. At first she couldn’t believe it but then she was very happy. I am happy I am fulfilling her wish. I am mentally very strong because I have a strong fan base, I have a following of 27 million on social media and secondly my mother’s support. These things keep me motivated. (Photo: Instagram)


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