Chhavi Mittal proudly flaunts her breast cancer surgery scar; here’s how she is going through radiations and recovering | The Times of India

Chhavi is taking each day as it comes and often gives a glimpse of her light workout session. After her first radiation, Chhavi wrote, “The first day of radiotherapy was eventful. The machine had a fault and while they fixed it I went to office till they called me back. The only discomfort I felt was that the room was super chilled and I was shivering! I could barely stay still! These beautiful markings you see on my body are to ensure that the radiotherapy is directed towards the correct areas only. I have to keep these till the radiotherapy lasts (1 month). Today, I went to the gym, now radiotherapy, and then I’ll head for my shoot. Btw I can finally move my arm enough to swim, but now I can’t swim for 2 months due to the chlorine exposure, not advisable during radiation.”


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